What Can You Expect with Social Media Marketing  

Social Media Marketing (SMM)  involves the creation of content tailored to individual social media platforms. It primarily targets traffic creation, improvement of user engagement, and interaction.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that helps businesses to connect with customers quickly. Although there is considerable potential for a business to increase their sales margin through social media marketing,
the tool requires proper implementation preferably with the help of an expert.

There are proper other considerations such as Ad Copy, Ad Creative, Ad mapping and remarketing. These are essential elements for a successful Facebook marketing campaign and its requires experience and attention to details and test results.

How Effective is Singapore Social Media Marketing For Businesses in Singapore?

Apart from being a cost-effective way of marketing a business, Statistics show that about 33% of customers get to know about a brand through social media platforms.

An example of which is  Facebook Advertising

Further, about 91% of marketers who use social media for marketing have realized improved brand visibility. 

When customers find and connect with a business on social media, then the business stands a better chance of improving on their customer retention and loyalty. Customer satisfaction goes along with brand loyalty, and this can be achieved through close social media engagement. 

Social media marketing in Singapore can transform a business’s local SEO ranking.

It is true that SEO requirements change from time to time and by improving on social media presence, one can transform their business’s online visibility. Therefore, apart from optimizing their website, business owners should think about updating their social media platforms, share content with the target audience and engage them as much as possible. 

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Have You Considered Singapore Facebook Marketing For Your Business?

It is no secret that every small business owner is hungrily looking for prospect’s attention. Through social media one can engage your customers, keep them coming back for more and develop a loyal customer base. An active social media platform enables a business to respond to critical questions and reviews from customers.

This allows them to understand the needs of their customers more, their demographics and even expand their psychographics.

Furthermore, social media significantly cuts down on marketing and advertising costs. While it can be done for free, paid advertising isn’t very costly. For instance, paid Twitter ads are relatively cheap. With a small budget, you can achieve your goals without necessarily going over your budget.

Additionally, you can only spend as little as six or less hours a week doing your marketing on social media but still enjoy flowing traffic for the long term.

 A Trusted Facebook Marketing Company in Singapore 

GlassBox Marketing & Consultancy pride ourselves of having a process to carry out our Facebook marketing campaigns and we diligently run a number of tests to make sure all ads are well optimized.

We take into account all the small details to ensure success in increasing the number leads coming to your business.

There are numerous elements that make up a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign- from the offer in the ad copy and all the way to the message of the ads and targeting.

We will ensure you gain an upper hand against your competitors who might only think Facebook Marketing is "EASY". Contact Us today to enquire more on how we can help your business.


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