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What Is On Page SEO


When dealing with search engine optimization there are many packages involved, technically search engine optimization involves practical aspects that ensure your website is visible and can be crawled easily on search engines. 

Given the nature of the internet, there are millions of websites against which your website competes with. As such to get the best results out of your website or blog you need competitively ensure your website/ blog is SEO friendly.

There are three basic things that need to be done in SEO.

• Ensuring website or blog optimization for local searches. 
• Optimizing your web pages and getting rid of old content. 
• Content optimization through creating and optimizing keywords, title tags and much more. 

Search engine optimization offers you two options: 

• Off-page optimization and
• On page optimization. 

Why On-Page SEO is Important

On page optimization technically deals with both search engine optimization that is it deals with descriptions, titles and URLs and it as well deals with the content of almost all of your web pages. The main goal is to ensure helps search understand the context and meaning on your blog or web pages. 

It involves optimizing each and every page on your website or blog to ensure top ranking in the search engine results. 

Unlike in off page optimization where that focuses on optimization outside your web page such as sharing on social media, on page optimization focuses specifically on the front end that is the content on your web/ blog page as well as the backend that involves HTML coding.

What Does On Page SEO Include?

• SEO Road Map
• Google Search Console Check & Installation
• Meta Keyword Optimization 
• Google Analytics Check & Installation
• Blog Creation
• Domain Redirect Optimization
• Webpage Copywriting 
• URL Rewrites 
• Title Tag Optimization
• Broken Link Report
• Meta Description Optimization 
• .xml Sitemap Optimization and more.

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