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While adding content to your business website is essential, it’s also vital to ensure that the content is seen offside your site. Your business site is positioned higher by simply placing your content strategically on other publications, websites, guest blogging websites, and social media profiles. 

What Is Off-Page SEO?


It’s a set of some specific techniques that drive website traffic and increases the page rank. Basically, it deals with all tactics that can be employed externally to your site. The main aim of Off page SEO is simply complimenting your On-page SEO efforts. 

However, an Off page SEO campaign by a requires time and patience although it’s work is worth on a long term basis. In most SEO campaigns, engaging an expert ensures that you acquire backlinks for your clients that are both beneficial and relevant to the user. 

What Is The Most Important Part Of Off Page SEO

Below are some top techniques that B2B businesses can employ today:

1. Guest blogging: This is among the best Off page SEO strategies of creating brand awareness and bringing visitors to your business website. Creating unique content that is capable of capturing the customer’s attention. This proves your expertise and gives you a better rankings boost. 

2. Using Press and Media: Some publications tend to cover your business effectively by providing a link. You usually receive a link when a publication mentions your business in an article. This is of great importance to your business website because Google trusts all these sources and it associates your site with popularity. 

3. Social networking: The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn among others. Everyone targeting a particular brand should have social media in place. Having a page with some networking abilities can increase your brand awareness and public relations. Social networking is also known as Online Reputation Management. However, it’s essential to sign up on various social media platforms in order to create a better presence and get a wider target audience. 

4. Photo Sharing: This is a fun Off page SEO strategy of creating brand awareness. If you’re in design or any other visually demanding sector, then there are great sites like Flickr, Photo Bucket, Picasa, etc., to share your photos and get links going. 


In conclusion, if you’re undertaking an SEO campaign, it’s advised to begin an off-page SEO process.  


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Importance of Off Page SEO 

• Off page SEO increases site ranking on SERPs. 
• It increases page ranking.
• It exposes or makes your site more visible. 

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