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What Is Singapore Local SEO ?

While most people are aware of organic SEO, a majority of them don’t know its variations from local SEO. Organic SEO is different from Local SEO.

Whilst Organic SEO revolves around a website as a whole, Local SEO is proximity driven.

Local SEO Singapore is geographically-oriented and often deals with building signals of relevance based on a specific area or location. 

Local searches carry geo-qualifiers or target locations that enable Google and other search engines to understand what the user is looking for.

Studies show that about 46% of all the Google searches now carry local intent. Therefore, local businesses should understand how to harness the power of local SEO to improve the traffic to their sites and expand their visibility.
One way of doing so is through understanding Google’s new search trend, i.e. Local Pack (3-pack). Our team at GlassBox Marketing & Consultancy offering Local SEO Singapore services will explain every bit there is to know.

How A Singapore Local SEO Company Can Get You Into The Google 3-Pack?

Local SEO 3-Pack or Snack pack is one of the most significant updates in Google local searches. It is a newly released technique that was rolled out after the previous local 7-pack.

Local 3 Pack refers to the first three lists of businesses that Google displays whenever you search for specific keyword terms that carry location-intent. 

Local SEO in Singapore Can Seriously Impact Your Business

Google’s Local 3 Pack can yield results faster compared to organic search. But what does it mean to businesses that initially ranked at number 4-7?
It precisely means they have to work extra hard and battle their way up. 

What You Can Expect By Engaging a Singapore Local SEO Service

Among the factors that affect Local 3 Pack is the actual address of a business. Google uses a set of algorithms and rules that help to define a geo area, and in case a business falls out of a specific location, then it might never appear in Google’s search results.

Therefore, the town, city and ZIP code are very critical. 

The citation is the other factor that impacts how a business can rank in Local 3 Pack.

The consistency in a business’s NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) is vital. The business should be listed accurately on reputable directories such as Yelp and other credible listing service providers. 

There are several ways through which a business can improve their rank. One way is by ensuring your Google My Business Profile is complete and optimized.

All the data right from hours to address and phone numbers should be accurate. The sizeable and unique description is paramount.
Proper categorization and the use of high-resolution profile image are other essential strategies to consider. 

Local On-site seo singapore : The Importance In Being In the Google Local 3 Pack

Visibility is key, and this is what every marketer or business owner strives to attain. The move by Google to implement the technique has made it even more competitive for local businesses to get to the 3 highly ranking search results.

There is the idea of Google Heatmaps. A heatmap refers to the visualization technique that helps in the represent and depict data based on geographical points. It utilizes color-coding to showcase various values.

Heatmaps help to analyze user behavior on a variety of web pages. 

Statistics show that 75% of all the clicks on Google go to the first few search results. People tend to trust the first results they get on search engines. It could be they are shorter on time, they’ve found what they were looking for or just don’t want to scroll down any further.

Therefore, it means if your business ranks in the first three, then you have higher chances of getting more exposure.

A higher rank in local search results implies a higher click-through rate (CTR) which can translate to improved conversion. 

How To Dominate The Local SEO In Your Area 

Local SEO  is very dynamic. Besides, it changes from time to time. If you’ve been struggling for some time trying to cope up with the ever-increasing local competition for businesses in Singapore, then you know how vital it is to improve your local SEO marketing strategies.

Most of these strategies require an expert to help you implement the necessary SEO tactics.

As part of your Local SEO Singapore marketing, some of the tactics to consider include Title and Meta description tags, SEO Roadmap, Online directories and building of citations, content marketing and link building. 

How To Optimize For Local SEO

These are HTML elements that reflect the content available on your website. They act as small ads that are displayed on the text of your description.

The recommended length of tags you can use for your title is between 50-60 characters and 160-200 characters for Meta description. Google recently increased the size of its search results area to 600px.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this chance to improve the exposure of your business. 

There are several ways you can determine how your titles and Meta descriptions will appear. You can use:

• Emulators such as Yoast SEO Plugin and SEOmofo.
• Ensure your text is distinctive, convincing and highly descriptive. 

Every character you choose matters a lot. Be keen to include the name of both business and city, area it serves and keyword. 

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Rank Higher in Singapore With Our Local SEO Packages

A business that misses out in online local business listings misses a lot. Statistics have shown that about four out of five customers conduct their searches locally.

Get your business listed consistently and accurately for local Singapore SEO.

Some of the things to do for proper citations include:

• Listing your business on reputable local directories. You can research your local newspapers or Chamber of Commerce to find good directories. 
• Ensuring your business’s name, address and phone are cited correctly. 
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 Improving Your Singapore Local SEO Results 

Google My Business can significantly affect your local visibility and you should consider it as part of your local SEO Singapore strategies. If you claim and optimize your Google My Business profile, then you can gain maximum exposure and rank high in Local 3 Pack. 

The process of claiming and verifying your Google My Business page is simple. Google gives a postcard containing a PIN of your business’s location. The process helps to confirm the legitimacy of your business. Remember that as the business owner, you can claim your GMB page. 

Optimizing local SEO for Singapore business involves specifying things like 

• Business hours 
• Description
• Categories 
• The terms of payment. 
• Your logo and image 
• Products or services. 

Local SEO Services Optimization 

This helps you to understand precisely where you are regarding search engine optimization. It includes a variety of SEO factors ranging from:
• Proper keyword use and focus, 
• Image naming and tagging, 
• Inbound links, 
• Site architecture, and 
• Domain and hosting and many more. 

SEO Roadmap aids you to have a clear plan on how you’ll improve the overall rank of your business. When devising a good SEO roadmap for a local SEO Singapore campaign, there are a couple of things to consider.

These include:

• Your current rank
• How your competitors are doing
• The keywords you plan to rank for and the ones you should target. 

Every successful SEO project should start with a clear SEO roadmap.

With a good SEO roadmap, you can smoothly dive and improve your local SEO for Singapore business and enhance your ranking.

Local offpage SEO Services In Singapore

Content is vital for both local and organic SEO. It is an off-page local SEO marketing tactic that focuses on publishing highly optimized content for better ranking.

A study by Google’s Mobile Search Moments shows that about 70% of customers prefer finding information through content instead of ads. The things to consider in content marketing for Singapore local SEO includes:

• Engaging your local community with optimized content. Whether you want to target specific locations or want to fill the homepage of your business with local terms, be sure to use good quality content. 
• The content should not be stuffed with Meta titles, descriptions and headers. It should also focus on what the business offers and not just the location. 

Local SEO Link Building 

Google will view your site as favorable when more quality sites link to your business. Quality links make your site appear credible, and you stand a better chance of getting higher ranking in local searches. For better link building:

• Focus on establishing great link popularity for your website.

This can boost your local SEO Singapore ranking. 

• Secure your links.

Don’t just create links for the sake of opportunities. 

• Find a loyal following that will use your link building. Split things and don’t mix them. Those that drive traffic, email or social media should be clear. 

Proper link building can not only bring more leads but improve your local ranking in Google. 

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How Much Does A Singapore Local SEO Packages In Singapore?

The cost of local SEO Singapore business varies based on the needs of your business. This is because there are several factors, services, and tactics that are involved when delivering local SEO.

There are three categories of Local SEO packages including Pro, Ultra and Google My Business SEO (GMB SEO) an ala carte Service to get you into the Google 3 pack.

You can choose the package based on your budget and level of competition. 

You can expect anywhere from $1500 a month to $4500 a month. Your best bet is to give us a call.
With the increasing competition and Google’s changing ranking trends, businesses seeking to rank high locally should practice proper local SEO strategies. If you’re struggling to improve your local SEO in Singapore contact GlassBox Marketing Consultancy

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