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Every business should give a great deal of thought when designing their citation portfolio. A citation portfolio refers to the collection of all local map citations of a business on the Internet. Google considers a variety of variables during citation analysis. Alongside the NAP consistency, Google also considers the authority and relevance of a citation source and the volume of citations for a business. At GlassBox Marketing & Consultancy - A Singapore SEO Company will get you citations needed for you to rank in the Google 3 pack
The relevance of a citation source depends on the business category and location. It means business is classified based on their specific niche and location. Authority of a local SEO citation involves the domain authority of directories or websites where a citation is published.
Every success-minded business owner should strive to have their business listed on a highly authoritative site. 

The volume of citations is the total number of times a business’s NAP is published on the Internet. You can use Google to look for hyperlocal directories that are relevant to a specific metro area and category. 

What does Local Citation Building do?


Local map citation or the use of local Google Maps that act as backlinks can help support and augment organic SEO. Citations supply Google and other search engines with important and valuable information about a business enabling them to validate the fact that a business exists and is legit.

When used correctly with other on-page SEO strategies, local map citations can dramatically improve rankings in local Google search results. All these can be best done by a skilled, trusted and experienced Singapore SEO Company . 

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Why Engaging a Local Citation Link Building Service Matters?

• It increases the exposure and visibility of a business. This means customers and clients can find the business quickly.

• Local map citation improves Google’s organic results page. Right from keyword to brand searches, accurate local map citations can help to enhance a business’s search results. 

• It provides a business with the needed authority giving it a competitive edge in local search results. It also makes it easy for a business to handle their reputation.

The more accurate, relevant and authoritative a citation is, the more competitive and visible a business can be. With the help of a trusted Singapore SEO Company, you can transform your local visibility in search engines. The services involved include writing your business’s NAP, finding proper directories and other services related to local map citations.

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